xNET 2.0 — FAQ

What is xNET?

xNET is the industry’s leading Artificial Intelligence Powered Network Performance Analytics Software that delivers real-time network visibility and quick drill-down diagnostics to localize mission-critical issues and provide actionable insights to achieve optimal network performance.

How does xNET work?

xNET is delivered via a SaaS platform. A light-weight machine is deployed in your operating environment that transmits specially-crafted synthetic probes to collect performance data over cloud infrastructures, and, collects and pre-processes data such as NetFlow, SFlow, Syslogs, etc. The resulting metadata is then crunched through proprietary Artificial Intelligence Inference Engines to yield insights that are accessible through a visual interface or APIs.

What will xNET do for me?

Whether you are managing a digital enterprise, operating a web-based service, or managing a network that spans either public, hybrid or cloud infrastructures — xNET will help you to map out what’s happening in your network in real-time and improve user-experience, based on detailed, current as well as historic information.

How does xNET compare to other products?

Current products in the market were inherently not designed for the requirements emanating from the modern day enterprise networks and applications. xNET on the other hand, is architected and optimized to provide the best performance in key areas (below).

Solution Requirements xNET Legacy Solutions

Unified View

Topology across private, public or cloud infrastructures

Accurate detection of problem location

Automated problem detection and drill-down to specific network element or hop

Quick access to network flows

Data within seconds for total network or individual flows

Anomaly detection

Multi-dimensional, adaptive baselining, real-time

Massively scalable, Zero maintenance

Ingest and storage

No hardware to maintain or upgrade

How long does it take to deploy xNET?

A typical deployment takes 1-2 hours.

How soon can I expect xNET benefits to start?

Within 5 minutes of deployment.