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Infrastructure-independent. Continuous measurements. End-to-end visibility.

Ennetix delivers Network Performance Management, purpose-built for multi-domain networks. With the increasing adoption of Private and Public Clouds in IT infrastructures, critical resources required for application or service delivery are distributed across multiple data centers. Each data center, and the network infrastructure that connects it to other data centers, may have very different performance characteristics, and can potentially be under the administration of a different entity. A new approach is required to gain granular network performance visibility in such multi-domain networks and to ensure that the end-to-end infrastructure delivers the performance levels needed for highly responsive application or service delivery.

Ennetix offers a unique Network Performance Management service based on its Performance Measurement Overlay (PMO) technology. Ennetix PMO is independent of the underlying networking infrastructure and provides continuous measurement of end-to-end performance of all network paths, including those in public domains.


Ennetix Network Performance Management App is a scalable, secure, and multi-tenanted cloud-based platform designed for storing, analyzing, and serving large datasets in a responsive and cost-effective manner.

Ennetix App solution architecture consists of two key components:

Ennetix Cloud

Houses the core intelligence of the Ennetix App.

EnnetiX On-Site Management Entity (XOME)

A data collector deployed inside the customer network.


Continuous measurements. Advanced analytics. Central data repo. Intelligent visualization.

Continuous Performance Measurements

Ennetix App continuously measures the end-to-end performance of all network paths and all network segments, using the Performance Measurement Overlay augmented by granular data it collects from a variety of sources in the network.

Centralized Repository of Measurement Data

Ennetix App serves as a cloud-based repository for performance data collected from multiple locations in the customer’s hybrid cloud or multi-domain network.

Advanced Network Analytics

Ennetix App applies advanced data correlation algorithms on the network and performance data it collects from disparate sources to generate network state, health, and performance indices that are easy to understand and track over a period of time. Using these algorithms, Ennetix App produces insights that are predictive, contextual, and actionable.

Context-Aware Visualization

Ennetix App provides visual analytics that is context-aware. The visualization represents network state, health, and performance in a holistic manner by enabling visual correlation of significant events.

Our Team

Biswanath (Bis) Mukherjee

Biswanath (Bis) Mukherjee

Founder, President and CEO

Bis is a world leader and visionary in the area of networking. Over the last three decades, he has pioneered several groundbreaking solutions for worldwide telecom networks, which underpin today’s Internet. Additionally, Bis was the co-founder of a telecom startup and has served on boards of numerous companies. Bis is also a Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at University of California, Davis and holds a Ph.D. degree from University of Washington, Seattle, and B.Tech. degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

Pulak Chowdhury

Pulak Chowdhury

Founder and CTO

Pulak Chowdhury is a seasoned product development executive and has over a decade of experience in network management and optimization. At Ennetix, Pulak oversees the development of technology roadmap, day to day engineering activities and product releases. In addition, Pulak has made significant contributions to the area of network research with over 30 peer-reviewed scholarly papers in international journals and conferences. Pulak holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of California, Davis, a M.A.Sc degree from McMaster University, Canada and a B.Sc. Eng. degree from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology.

Kanna Potharlanka

Kanna Potharlanka

Founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development

Kanna is a business executive with over 15 years of experience in Business Planning and Strategy, Operations and Product Development. Prior to Ennetix, Kanna managed the Business Planning Organization for Apple’s iPhone product line for 8 years. Additionally, Kanna has several years of engineering and product development experience as part of Sierra Logic, a high-tech startup that went through a successful exit. Kanna holds an MBA degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, a M.S. degree from University of California, Davis, and a B.E. degree from Osmania University, India.

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