xNET 2.0 – Next Generation Network Performance Analytics


In today’s highly virtualized multi-domain networking environment, legacy network performance tools are no longer efficient to provide actionable solutions - virtually all legacy tools were designed for on-premise application architectures only and do not address performance issues related to cloud infrastructures.


Built with a vision to dramatically improve network performance analytics, xNET utilizes AI-Powered inference engines that analyze granular-level network performance, including on-premise and cloud infrastructures.
There are two major technologies through which xNET facilitates network performance management:
  1. Active measurements monitor network activity from any location to any endpoint Path route
  2. AI-Powered traffic analysis scrutinizes the network, routers, and switches and determines the volume and direction of data traffic Traffic flows
By combining these two technologies, xNET gains a complete view of a network’s performance, and in case the indicators show any anomaly, the platform offers automated troubleshooting solutions.


Built on a SaaS platform, xNET analyzes large datasets in real time to deliver price/performance/ value proposition for network performance analytics unmatched by any other vendor.