xVISOR – Next Generation User Performance Analytics


With accelerated cloud adoption and uptake in SDN and NFV, application infrastructure and its network services are becoming cloud-virtualized. As a result, users of an enterprise application are now dependent on distributed network services, right from when they first access the application. In such an environment, legacy user performance analytics tools are no longer efficient to provide actionable solutions - virtually all legacy tools were designed for on-premise architectures only and do not address performance issues related to cloud infrastructures.


Built with a vision to dramatically improve user performance analytics, xVISOR focuses on application delivery infrastructure and utilizes AI-Powered inference engines that analyze granular-level network performance (on-premise or cloud) specific to an application and its users.
There are three major technologies through which xVISOR facilitates user performance analytics:
  1. Service delivery topology automatically maps entire end-to-end application delivery topology Dependency map
  2. AI-Powered user transaction analysis measures and scrutinizes user traffic to an application Transaction analysis
  3. Active measurements automatically monitor perceived network performance of distributed user groups Application path route