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Ennetix Solutions: Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring Challenges


Digital transformation is continuously increasing the dependence on cloud-based services and architectures for an enterprise’s business-critical application delivery.  The underlying infrastructure is becoming increasingly virtualized, distributed, heterogeneous, and multi-domain (where traffic crosses domains with different ownerships).  Data and resources required for applications and service delivery are distributed across multiple sites (e.g., clouds, data centers etc.) managed by multiple entities. 

Users, applications, and data are widely dispersed, and most of the time, they are not in direct control of the enterprises. IT operations teams are juggling with multiple domains/layers from LAN, WAN, Peering Connects, Internet Exchange points (IXC), Public/Private Cloud, SaaS, On and Off prem, 3rd Party Partners, etc. to every device – physical (laptop, server, router, switch) to virtual (VMs, containers, etc.). Hybrid networking and infrastructures are widely deployed and well understood, but are they being efficiently managed? 

Ensuring that the end-to-end hybrid infrastructure delivers the performance demanded by users and applications, presently and in the future, is an on-going challenge for IT operations teams.

Users, applications, and data are widely dispersed, and most of the time, they are not in the direct control of the enterprises


With no direct control of the infrastructure where the application or the data resides, IT teams struggle with their visibility stopping after a certain point without having hooks beyond that point. In addition, network paths taken by application flows are numerous, and are sometimes chosen automatically, leading to performance and cost implications. The dynamic nature of application-hosting infrastructures in the cloud, with resources (e.g., containers, pods, etc.) being dynamically dimensioned and taken out, creates a network topology mapping with a level of dynamism. Continuous visibility in such dynamic and hybrid infrastructures is only possible with automation in the observability process.

Ennetix xVisor does not require a predefined network or application topology map to get started and neither it needs manual address ranges to start the discovery process of hybrid infrastructures of application delivery. At the root of our discovery architecture is “Application Semantics,” i.e., when users are interacting with an application, how does the entire interaction play out? Continuous monitoring of user-app interactions forms the basis to build the topology map in xVisor, and then the data-collection process through flows, pcaps, probes, etc. starts!

Ennetix Solutions: Hybrid Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions


xVisor is truly automated for hybrid infrastructure monitoring from day zero, with dashboards that populate in a matter of minutes. No hassle of setting manual thresholds!