The Internet is Your Application-Delivery Infrastructure

With accelerated cloud adoption and uptake in SDN and NFV, application infrastructure and its network services are becoming cloud-virtualized. As a result, users of an enterprise application are now dependent on distributed network services, right from when they first access the application. In such an environment, legacy performance analytics tools are no longer efficient to provide actionable solutions - virtually all legacy tools were designed for on-premise architectures only and do not address performance issues related to cloud infrastructures and do not have notion of performance impact to individual users.

We are Transforming Application-Delivery Analytics using AIOps

Built with a vision to dramatically improve user performance analytics, Ennetix solution, called xVISOR, focuses on application-delivery infrastructure and utilizes AI-powered inference engines that analyze granular-level network performance (on-premise or cloud) specific to an application and its users.

Application-Specific User Experience Analytics

xVISOR is focused on minimizing business loss experienced by enterprises due to
network performance incidents, specifically tied to an application and its users.

Immediate Key Benefits

  • Visualize real user transactions and network dependencies for a specific app
  • Pin-point performance issues for each user
  • AI-powered user behavior analytics

xVISOR Features

Analytics-Driven Visibility

Provides 360-degree view of each user’s performance while accessing an application across all dimensions: application, network, and service.

Application-Delivery Topology

Automatically discovers causal dependencies of an application and network services. All these network services can impact the performance of application users.

Path Performance Mapping

Collects hop-by-hop and end-to-end performance of each network path on application-service topology, thereby giving the Google-map view of an application’s network infrastructures.

Algorithmic Alerting and Anomaly Detection

Automatically detects and diagnoses performance anomalies for each application user. Reduces alert fatigue for administrators; and advance correlation can exactly pinpoint performance hotspots.

User Behavior Analytics

Employs advanced algorithms to establish user’s normal behavior and automatically discovers anomalous activities.

Historical Time Travel

Keeps performance data for each user at 5-min granularity up to a month (or longer if one desires). Long-range performance reports available.