Our Mission

“Enable excellence in our customers’ digital transformation journey”

Ennetix was founded by a group of renowned researchers in networking from UC Davis, CA. Over the years, the xVisor platform has evolved with the help of several Ph.D level network engineering professionals with deep knowledge in AI/ML technologies.

The company was funded over the years by US Department of Energy’s  SBIR (Small Business Innovation and Research) program. 

xVisor, our AIOps platform, was designed and built foundationally to address the most-challenging aspects of IT operations management. The platform offers “Native Observability” with most types of infrastructure data sources powered by pioneering research based on AI/ML approaches.

With a vision to “Deliver predictive and progressive performance in digital operations”, Ennetix takes a holistic approach to deliver high impact solutions at an affordable cost. 

We welcome you to experience the value of xVisor for AIOps!

Executive Team