Situational Awareness

Understand the behaviors of various entities and endpoints in your infrastructure as a whole and flag abnormal activity to mitigate issues and speedy resolutions.

Cybersecurity Situational awareness is crucial for effective network security management and protecting key IT resources. Contextual correlation is crucial for IT administrators to be able to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to issues in an effective and expedited manner. This proactive stance is essential for maintaining the integrity, reliability, and security of the IT infrastructure and network, considering the potential operational and financial implications of downtime or breaches.

Focus of Cybersecurity Situational Awareness in IT Operations

  • Cybersecurity situational awareness in IT settings demands insights into all entities and their behaviors, a challenge complicated by factors such as system complexity, Shadow IT, BYOD issues, and internal threats.
  • Admins must use situational awareness while trying to protect the organization as a whole while also being aware of individual groups with differing rules and policies.
  • Proactive IT management also requires situational ‘context’ awareness to maintain integrity and security, thus overcoming downtime or breaches before they happen.

xVisor-Driven Situational Awareness Solution

  • xVisor offers comprehensive cybersecurity situational awareness, identifying all active entities within the IT infrastructure and understanding their behaviors.
  • xVisor boosts visibility, enabling informed network intrusion detection and alerting decisions for continuous security.
  • xVisor intelligently identifies behavioral patterns, becoming an integral part of your defense strategy and enabling early threat detection.

xVisor’s functionality revolves around a sophisticated combination of packet analysis, flow information, and audit data. It not only collects data from routers, switches, and computer activities but also employs innovative machine-learning techniques to transform this data into meaningful insights. As a result, administrators receive a comprehensive, real-time overview of network activities, allowing them to identify active entities, understand their behaviors, and track changes over time.    

Benefits of Maintaining Situational Awareness in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity situational awareness empowers IT professionals with a holistic understanding of their network:

  •  Early Threat Detection: Identify anomalies and suspicious activities before they escalate into full-fledged attacks.
  • Effective Incident Response: Situational awareness facilitates faster and more targeted responses to security breaches, minimizing damage and downtime.
  • Improved Decision-Making: IT administrators can make informed decisions regarding security policies and resource allocation.
  • Increased Security Posture: Proactive situational awareness strengthens your overall security posture by identifying, isolating, and mitigating potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited.


xVisor’s situational awareness offering is a dynamic and intelligent solution for security observability, providing unparalleled insights into the users’ and systems’ interactions with the infrastructure.