Automated Root-Cause Analysis (RCA)

Automate the identification and resolution of the underlying cause of alerts, incidents, and anomalies within your IT infrastructure using Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques.

In today’s cloud-centric virtualized landscape, IT operations teams face an ever-increasing challenge in pinpointing the root causes associated with application-delivery infrastructure issues. The complexity of modern IT environments demands a sophisticated approach to Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) to ensure optimal performance and reliability of system availability. 

Focus Areas of Automated Root-Cause Analysis in IT Operations

  • Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) has become very complex due to vast and diverse data volumes, the distributed nature of IT systems, and the exponential growth of endpoints.
  • Traditional IT methods are limited in analyzing large real-time infrastructure data, resulting in high Mean Time to Acknowledge (MTTA) and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).
  • IT systems need to be available 24×7, accessible from anywhere around the world with no compromise on performance and security. Quick remediation of any outage or performance degradation is of high importance. 

xVisor-Based Automated Root-Cause Analysis Solution

  • Ennetix’s xVisor AIOps platform streamlines RCA with an integrated approach, examining every aspect of the application-delivery infrastructure.

  • It uses advanced AI/ML algorithms to process high volumes of data and automate IT event correlation to detect cause and effect.
  • xVisor’s AI-based root-cause analysis approach speeds up anomaly detection, thereby reducing human intervention time and cost.

  • xVisor enables automation in RCA by supporting both IT Service Management (ITSM) and Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) processes.

Benefits of Automated Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) in the IT Environment

Efficient RCA plays a vital role in maintaining the stability and performance of IT infrastructures.  By root-cause detection of incidents and performance deviations, organizations can proactively address and rectify underlying issues before they impact critical systems and disrupt operations. The key advantages of integrating automated RCA of xVisor in the IT environment include:

  • Faster Issue Detection: By continuously monitoring and analyzing end-to-end application-delivery infrastructures, xVisor meticulously examines each component, including user devices, network hops/links, servers, network functions, and API gateways. This comprehensive approach enables rapid identification of performance issues across various layers of the infrastructure. 
  • Proactive Problem Resolution: By initiating the RCA process with dynamic application-service topology discovery, xVisor ensures that every new application/service path or device undergoes continuous measurement and investigation for any performance deviations. This proactive approach allows IT teams to swiftly identify and address potential issues before they impact the overall system performance. 


xVisor’s innovative AI/ML-based automated root-cause analysis significantly cuts MTTA and MTTR, provides preemptive notifications, and enables smoother integration of network management and cybersecurity in today’s complex IT landscapes.

Ennetix xVisor revolutionizes the RCA process by providing a comprehensive solution for triaging performance and security issues.