“AIOps platforms are adopted by different teams, like DevOps, SRE, IT operations, cybersecurity and business leaders. The use cases and raw data required differ based on the team adopting the platform and its maturity.”- Gartner, 2021


xVisor from Ennetix is the artificial intelligence (AI) powered next-generation IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution to achieve end-to-end Deterministic outcome from Digital Operations. xVisor offers a comprehensive 360o view, combining both the “inside-out and outside-in” perspectives. Leveraging a huge amount of data drawn from multiple sources, the platform drills down to individual user and application level to diagnose anomalies in real time and provides predictive automated remediation.

 xVisor features

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Analytics-Driven Visibility

Provides 360-degree view of each user’s performance while accessing an application across all dimensions: application, network, and service.

Application-Delivery Topology

Automatically discovers causal dependencies of an application and network services. All these network services can impact the performance of application users.

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Path Performance Mapping

Collects hop-by-hop and end-to-end performance of each network path on application-service topology, thereby giving the Google-map view of an application’s network infrastructures.

Algorithmic Alerting and Anomaly Detection

Automatically detects and diagnoses performance and security anomalies for each application user. Reduces alert fatigue for administrators; and advance correlation can exactly pinpoint performance hotspots.

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User Behavior Analytics

Employs advanced algorithms to establish a user’s normal behavior and automatically discovers anomalous activities.

Historical Time Travel

Keeps performance data for each user at 5-min granularity up to a month (or longer if one desires). Long-range performance reports available.

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xVisor is the leading domain-centric AIOps platform with complete “client-to-cloud” data-ingestion integrations using primary collectors (direct from infrastructures) as well as secondary sources (through third-party API integrations). xVisor utilizes a wide range of industry-standard protocols and methods for primary data collection: Wire data and transactions using mirrors and SPAN ports; Flow data over NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, VPC Flow logs, etc.; Logs such as Syslog, API Logs, etc.; synthetic probes and traces; streaming telemetry and SNMP; device data such as machine, user, and wireless statistics.  xVisor also enhances its data-collection repertoire through integrations with third-party applications (such as log and flow aggregators) and APIs for configuration data, app events, tickets, meta-data, other third-party data, etc. 

xVisor features out-of-the-box integrations with IT service management platforms such as ServiceNow, Atlassian, etc.; other operations management platforms such as PagerDuty, etc.; and it can enrich service management tickets with detailed troubleshooting hints, next steps, and remediation recommendations.

xVisor integrates with various identity, authentication, access-management platforms and industry-standard protocols such as Active Directory, LDAP, Kerberos, DHCP/DNS, etc. through log integrations, transaction captures, as well as APIs. These integrations provide proper authentications/authorizations and enable xVisor to unearth application- and user-centric security insights and events.

xVisor exposes standard programmatic interfaces to integrate with collaborations and team-management applications such as Slack, Teams, etc. Customized API integrations to other platforms are also available, if needed.

xVisor unleashes the most-comprehensive data-collection, services and operations management, collaboration integrations for deterministic observability, synthesis, and remediation processes of our customers’ digital operations.