Digital Experience Assurance (DEA)


  • Achieving successful business outcomes depends on satisfied customers and productive employees.
  • In today’s cloud-based infrastructure, user experience can suffer from issues anywhere between the user’s device and the services/applications.
  • Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) tools track user experience, but Digital Experience Assurance (DEA) is needed for advanced analytics to correlate multiple DEM measurements effectively.


  • Ennetix xVisor, an AIOps-based digital experience monitoring platform, offers end-to-end observability of application-delivery components, measuring and analyzing their performance, security, and quality.
  • It integrates multiple vantage points for comprehensive visibility and utilizes data from various sources to present an integrated root-cause analysis.
  • xVisor adds security insights with contextual user and entity behavior analytics to reduce the risk to corporate data.


xVisor-driven Digital Experience Assurance solution ensures a premium user experience, essential in today’s diverse work environments, including remote and on-premise settings.