xVisor, Ennetix’s AIOps platform, enables the unification of network performance, application
performance, and cybersecurity into a robust solution. Powered by innovative and holistic
approaches to tackle unique use cases that cater to universities, xVisor offers an end-to-end solution
at lower costs relative to other offerings in the market.

About Academia

Core Business

Universities and institutions for higher learning often have large multi-national faculty, staff, and students with stakeholders and collaborators all over the world. These institutions have diverse IT infrastructures, powering education delivery, research, and support services to students, faculty, and collaborators.

How They Manage IT Operations

By using a combination of open-source tools and a few commercial IT management solutions, thereby creating a siloed IT operations process.

Limitations of Current Approach

The recent Covid-19-pandemic created significant challenges, e.g., acceleration of remote
instruction and content delivery, faster adoption of cloud services, digital experience, cybersecurity, etc. Universities need to address these large-scale challenges with no appreciable increase in IT budgets and resources.

Unique Value Proposition of Ennetix for Academia

Academic institutions are not typical enterprises. Shadow IT is embraced as part of the independent culture common at educational institutions. Shadow IT is the use of devices, software, or services by individuals or groups within an organization without the knowledge of the official IT and security teams. Hence, in these institutions:

  • Although their IT teams are responsible for the performance and security of campus networks, they do not have control of all the infrastructure and edge devices.
  • Their IT networks typically have many vulnerable and insecure systems running. These devices can be compromised by external attackers, and compromised or misconfigured devices can seriously affect overall security and network performance.

Unique Value Proposition of Ennetix for Academia

An important first step for campus IT and security teams is to discover Shadow IT running within their organizations. Ennetix helps these teams live with it peacefully by providing a platform of discovering Shadow IT, profiling their behaviors, and managing them.

Ennetix's Value to Academia

At Ennetix, we have been addressing practical scenarios in university environments over many years. We note that cybersecurity, network performance, and application performance are tightly intertwined. Ennetix xVisor platform combines all these elements that are key to optimizing the infrastructure in an academic environment and delivering great digital experience in the new world of realities. Ennetix xVisor platform:

Builds situational awareness by monitoring network traffic, discovering and profiling various entities, mapping services and their dependencies, and providing holistic observability of network.

Detects misconfigured shadow IT and cyber attacks. Tracks down the root cause of high-level problems that may need the knowledge of the IT staff, the security staff, or both.

Goes beyond traditional anomaly detection of in infrastructure by answering: What has changed? Who is affected? Who in the IT teams should be notified? Is there anything to do about it?