Modern enterprises face diverse challenges in ensuring network security, providing regulatory compliance, and maintaining a high-quality digital experience to achieve optimal productivity. Ennetix’s xVisor platform, using a powerful blend of advanced data-collection and analytics components, is uniquely positioned to help enterprises overcome these hurdles, bolstering enterprise security and productivity.

About Enterprises

Core Business

Enterprises provide business services to their clients, consumers, and their own employees. A well- integrated, high-availability, seamless IT infrastructure gives enterprises a competitive advantage, fostering agility and responsiveness in the rapidly evolving digital market landscape.

How IT is Critical to Enterprise

With rapid advances in the digital age, enterprises face a myriad of challenges that threaten to undermine their performance, security, and compliance. With increasing digitization, data theft and cyber-attacks have become more prevalent, making cybersecurity an essential priority for enterprises. Additionally, enterprises are faced with regulatory compliance mandates unique to their industry, which only heighten the complexity of cybersecurity protocols. Employee productivity, another cornerstone for enterprise success, is heavily reliant on an efficient and fast digital experience. Slow computers and sluggish online experiences can negatively impact employee performance and by extension, business growth.

Limitations of Current IT Operations

Enterprises employ a myriad of tools to support various IT operations. These tools and their siloed methods of event and alert management create yet another problem for providing the end-to-end visibility and coordinating the root-cause analysis of IT operations to provide superior digital experience to their users.

xVisor by Ennetix: Mastering the Digital Battlefield

The modern digital landscape presents enterprises with unprecedented challenges. Regulatory compliance, data security, and maintaining a high-quality digital experience have become critical focus areas.

Unique Value Proposition of Ennetix for Enterprises

To navigate these digital challenges, enterprises require a robust, intelligent solution. Ennetix presents xVisor -an advanced platform composed of the cloud-based xVisor analytics engine, the network- focused XOME, and the device-based xTend -to provides a 360° cybersecurity and performance management solution.

xVisor is the enterprise’s control and visibility panel, providing an overview of the enterprise’s digital health through data collected using XOME and xTend. XOME, embedded in the network, monitors traffic, identifies cyber threats, and probes performance issues. xTend, an agent installed on the enterprise’s devices, monitors both user and application activities, providing continuous vigilance against malicious behavior and software misuse.

Ennetix's Value to Enterprises

Ennetix’s xVisor, a comprehensive enterprise security risk management solution, is designed to detect cyber threats and troubleshoot degraded user experience to achieve the following:

Analyze root causes of poor user experiences.

Safeguard end-user devices against malicious activities and performance-hogging applications.

Create situational awareness, security analytics, and threat intelligence to better serve their customers.

Improve customer goodwill and increase customer satisfaction & retention.