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Digital IT Environment Today

The network and application delivery infrastructure are extremely complex these days, making it a daunting job for enterprise IT organizations and managed service providers that are tasked with managing and maintaining them.

Average Cost of Outage $165k, Average Cost of Data Breach $4.35m

Nearly 50% disruptions cause loss of productivity, Over 30% of outages result in revenue loss

Network being the #1 cause of outage

One third of successful cyber attacks will come from Shadow IT

271 days to fix a single security vulnerability

A new approach is needed to Monitor and Manage modern IT Infrastructures because the current approaches have the following challenges

Customer Need

Business applications and the underlying network infrastructures should simply work

"xVisor (from Ennetix) for Deterministic Digital Operations"

xVisor from Ennetix is an AIOps Platform that intelligently infers performance and security deviations and correlates root causes of outages in real-time using AI/ML-powered analytics. By using xVisor-driven AIOps solutions that are based on Zero-Trust principles, clients can get actionable information to drive productivity and revenue.

Reduction in resolution time


Time to Detect: Days to Minutes Time to Resolve: Weeks to Hours


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