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Intelligently infer performance and security deviations, and correlate root causes in real-time using AI/ML-powered analytics technologies. Actionable information provided by the Ennetix AIOps solution helps enterprises to achieve the best-possible user experience of mission-critical applications.

 Real-Life Case Studies

Digital Transformation Today

The network and application delivery infrastructure are extremely complex these days, making it a daunting job for enterprise IT organizations and managed services providers that are tasked with managing and maintaining them.

Why then is network downtime – the disruption to business and revenue loss it causes – such a common occurring even today?

Stitching together multiple legacy solutions
Disjointed triage without predictive outcome guarantee
Lack of unified view for application performance & security insights

86 %

Are still using at least one legacy tool

33 %

Are using 20 or more tools

49 %

Said that AIOps is critical for end-to-end visibility

68 %

Cite business agility as top driver for change in ITOps


Why Ennetix?

Our customers want to focus on their digital transformation journey, and thus they want their business-critical applications and the underlying network infrastructures to simply work. They challenged us:

Tell me before something impacts or threatens my digital operations

Get me started on the next steps for remediation in parallel

We built xVisor, an AIOps platform to deliver Deterministic Digital Performance

Ennetix xVisor AIOps Platform

  • Most Comprehensive Observability
  • Multi-dimensional Correlation
  • Real-time and Predictive Anomaly Detection
  • Automated Remediation
Ennetix xVisor AIOps Platform



reduction in overall resolution time by lowering:
MTTA from Hours to Minutes
MTTR from Days to Hours


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