Internet Service Providers

xVisor for Deterministic Application-Centric AIOps, developed by Ennetix, is an industry-leading next-generation Machine Learning (ML) driven solution, which includes built-in tools for digital service assurance. For Internet Service Providers (ISPs), xVisor delivers the capabilities to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction.

About ISPs

Core Business
ISPs strive to deliver to their customers (e.g., residential subscribers) excellence in digital experience
– low delay (i.e., latency), low itter, high bandwidth, etc.

How they do it
Using tools like:Speed Test, Ping Test, etc.

Limitations of current approach
Provide only an indication of a problem. These tests cannot pinpoint the problem location or the root
cause, which is the important information needed for the ISP to take corrective action.

Why Ennetix for ISPs

Ennetix’s xVisor platform is designed to solve the ISPs’ major and challenging problems. Some of the most-commonly reported issues are related to network latency and manifest as:

  • Low quality of experience (e.g., high delay for download/upload).

  • Lack of connectivity to important applications.

  • Frozen video and/or jittery audio during important online meetings, etc.

Ennetix’s solutions with automated network latency troubleshooting features deliver a superior experience for their customers by:

  • Proactively monitoring the health of their infrastructure and customer experience.

  • Pinpointing the root cause of the problem for the ISP to take appropriate actions before the problem seriously impacts service delivery.

Unique Ennetix Value Proposition for ISPs

For any application that the customer might be connecting to, xVisor can provide the necessary ISP SLA monitoring with the following information which can speed up incident resolution and improve customer satisfaction:

  • End-to-end delay, jitter, bandwidth, and packet-loss rate (PLR).

  • Delay, jitter, and PLR on a per-hop basis from the customer location to the application server (this is very novel as Ennetix is the leading provider of such information).

  • Alerts based on user/entity behavior analytics using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.

Ennetix’s Value to ISPs

Significantly reduce service calls from customers.

Significantly reduce or eliminate truck rolls (i.e., technician dispatch) to customer premises.

Share customer experience information with application and OTT service providers to serve their customers better.

Proactively create network situational awareness to provide a superior digital experience.

Improve customer goodwill and increase customer satisfaction and retention.