The cybersecurity landscape for the government entities in the US and all over the world is fraught
with escalating threats and unique compliance hurdles. Ennetix’s xVisor platform is designed to meet
these challenges head-on, offering a multi-layered defense strategy and effective compliance

About Government

Core Business
Governments provide core services for society including law enforcement, safety and social support, defense, and managing critical infrastructure. Collecting, managing, protecting, and effectively leveraging data is critical to enabling these government services.

What are They Facing?
Today’s government organizations are up against a persistent wave of cyber threats. State actors, independent hackers, and international criminal networks are constantly trying to infiltrate networks, disrupt operations, and steal sensitive information. Add to those the unique compliance responsibilities associated with handling classified information, and the situation becomes even more daunting.

Limitations of Current Approach
In an increasingly interconnected world, there is no well-defined IT perimeter to protect against domestic and foreign threat actors. The Internet is the playground on which government entities need to coexist with threat actors and protect themselves and its data. Coupled with the complexity of compliance with a raft of cybersecurity regulations, the challenges are immense. The traditional way of perimeter setting and monitoring is obsolete. The capacity to monitor and swiftly counteract these threats is not just an advantage, it is a necessity.

Reinventing Cybersecurity for Government:
Navigating the Threat Landscape

Navigating the complex waters of cybersecurity and compliance in the federal and governmental sector is an enormous task. The Ennetix xVisor platform provides a comprehensive solution designed to confront these challenges and secure our digital frontiers.

Unique Value Proposition of Ennetix for Enterprises

xVisor is crafted with the federal government’s (and other governments’) challenges in mind, providing not just a robust defense against threats but also helping organizations maintain compliance and reduce the risk of breaches.

xVisor is a cloud-based solution that provides oversight and real-time threat detection. XOME, an in- network component, scrutinizes network traffic to detect intrusion and lateral movements within your network. In addition, xTend, a multi-platform agent, monitors programs and user activity to identify potentially malicious behavior.

These three components interlock, offering a full spectrum of cybersecurity protection and threat mitigation that government agencies need. They enable the government to detect, manage, and mitigate threats faster while meeting rigorous compliance requirements

Ennetix's Value to Government

The challenges the US federal government and other governments face in terms of cybersecurity are complex, continuous, and constantly evolving. Ennetix’s xVisor platform rises to meet these challenges, by providing an integrated solution for advanced threat detection and compliance fulfillment. Ennetix xVisor platform:

Tracks internal network activity to identify potential threats moving laterally within your network.

Vigilantly watches for abnormal user or program activities that could hint at malicious intent.

Ensures that government agencies are equipped with the necessary tools to maintain stringent compliance protocols.

Enables the government to detect, manage, and mitigate threats faster.