Audits and Compliance


  • Compliance with regulations (e.g., SOX, GDPR, HIPAA) is crucial in enterprise IT operations, especially with the growth in digital transformation.
  • Data must be protected from theft, destruction/ransomware, and accidental loss.
  • Enforcing application compliance is increasingly difficult due to complex IT infrastructure, data silos, Shadow IT, and insecure credentials.
  • Effective software supply chain and lifecycle management are essential for security posture.
  • Unauthorized software installed on enterprise infrastructure can lead to potential licensing violations and security threats.


  • xVisor’s next-generation ML-driven platform supports Business Application(s) IT Compliance in today’s complex IT and Shadow IT environments.
  • xVisor provides visibility of the Software Bill Of Materials (SBOM) on the enterprise infrastructure, and flags unlicensed and unauthorized software before it becomes a compliance issue.
  • The rapid pace of IT operations necessitates an automated approach, such as xVisor, for continuous visibility, faster remediation, and data loss prevention.


Continuous monitoring is required by various regulations; xVisor helps organizations meet their audit and compliance needs.