Situational Awareness


  • Cybersecurity situational awareness in IT settings demands insights into all entities and their behaviors, a challenge complicated by factors such as system complexity, Shadow IT, BYOD issues, and internal threats.
  • Admins must use situational awareness while trying to protect the organization as a whole while also being aware of individual groups with differing rules and policies.
  • Proactive IT management also requires situational ‘context’ awareness to maintain integrity and security, thus overcoming downtime or breaches before they happen.


  • xVisor offers comprehensive cybersecurity situational awareness, identifying all active entities within the IT infrastructure and understanding their behaviors.
  • xVisor boosts visibility, enabling informed network intrusion detection and alerting decisions for continuous security.
  • xVisor intelligently identifies behavioral patterns, becoming an integral part of your defense strategy and enabling early threat detection.


xVisor is a dynamic and intelligent solution for security observability, providing unparalleled situational awareness.