Assure Optimal User Experience
of Mission-Critical Applications
Using AI-Powered Network Analytics



Map out every network
element and service



Reduce fire-fighting with
AI-powered diagnostics



Make informed decisions for
optimal network performance


Today, the user-experience and reliability of any application depend on multiple network services and domains. User experience of any application can be adversely affected by unacceptable deviation from dynamic baselines in any component of the overall network infrastructure.


Ennetix received multi-million dollars SBIR grant from US DOE to develop game-changing AI/ML powered network performance analytics technologies. Results are solutions that can intelligently infer deviation from dynamic baselines of network performance contributors in real-time. High-value actionable information provided by Ennetix solutions help users to achieve optimal network performance while assuring the best possible user-experience of mission-critical applications.


Application-Specific User Experience Analytics

xVISOR is focused on minimizing business loss experienced by enterprises due to
network performance incidents, specifically tied to an application and its users.

Immediate Key Benefits

  • Visualize real user transactions and network dependencies for a specific app
  • Pin-point network performance issues for different user groups
  • AI-Powered user transaction analysis

Network Performance and Traffic Analytics

xNET is focused on minimizing business loss experienced
by enterprises due to network performance incidents.

Immediate Key Benefits

  • Visualize network performance of on-premise and cloud infrastructures
  • Pin-point network performance issues in real-time
  • AI-Powered network traffic analysis (current as well as forensic)


Ennetix Corporation, based in Davis, CA, is the industry leader in AI-Powered Network Performance Analytics.

The company was founded by Dr. Bis Mukherjee, an acknowledged world authority and visionary in the area of networking.

Ennetix was recently named as one of 20 Most Promising Networking Solution Providers

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